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Workplace Wellbeing and Effectiveness

Workplace Wellbeing and Effectiveness

Support your workforce in feeling and being their best

Group Events

Group Events

Check out the timetable for the latest open workshops and programmes

Individual Tuition

Individual Tuition

Accelerate your wellbeing and personal effectiveness with one to one coaching

Feel Great - Achieve More

One of the modern-day challenges, facing individuals and organisations alike, is how to be successful without compromising wellbeing.

Whilst what constitutes a successful life is unique and diverse, there is one thing that is increasingly common - the desire for fulfilment can, all too easily, come at the cost of a healthy lifestyle.

Yet, a healthy body and mind is the foundation for enabling our choices – whatever our chosen life or business shape.

The goal of Practically Balanced is to help you strike a balance between the two.   


Individual tuition, group events, workplace workshops and programmes provide practical strategies that can be implemented into daily life - providing support in feeling great and achieving more..

When individuals form the collective that makes up an organisation, this can result in a productive, happy and healthy workforce – a place people want to work and which will deliver better results for the business.

If you are an individual wanting to take a positive and proactive approach to feeling great and achieving more, or an organisation wanting to support your workforce in feeling and being their best, please get in touch.

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