Mindfulness, Stress Resilience, Yoga, Nutrition - and More!



My name is Bev Alderson, and I am the founder and driving force behind Practically Balanced.

Today I work with individuals, groups and workplaces who want to take a positive and proactive

approach to enhancing wellbeing, and in turn results.

I haven’t always done this.  I previously spent 18+ years performing high pressured management roles,

within the IT Industry, in both the UK and Australia.  During this time, I learnt first-hand the impacts

of a high-pressured environment and lifestyle and how, left unchecked, this can negatively impact personal

effectiveness and health.

The question of how we can maintain our wellbeing, whilst achieving our most fulfilling and successful life, first became an interest, then a passion and has been my full-time occupation since 2013.

I bring authenticity to the services and events I provide today, drawing upon a wealth of personal experiences, 18+ years of management experience, and expertise in a number of aspects of wellbeing.  These are Nutrition, Yoga, Mindfulness, Time Management, Sleep and Stress Resilience – to name a few.

I am a very practical person and believe that wellbeing isn’t something we read about or go to.  It is something we integrate into our daily lives, to support us in getting the very best out of it – no matter what our chosen life or business shape looks like.

Please do get in touch if I can be of support in helping you, or your workforce, to feel great and achieve more.


I look forward to working with you.