Group Wellbeing

Yoga, Mindfulness, Stress Management  (and more!) Group Classes, Workshops and Programmes are regularly held in Taunton and surrounding areas.  

Please read on for an overview of the group events currently available and check out the timetable for scheduled dates, costs and locations.

One off or regular group events can also be scheduled from either the below events or tailored to meet your preferences and goals. Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Group Wellbeing Events

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness Programme

The practice of meditation and mindfulness can be wonderful tools in supporting the development of self-awareness, increasing focus and concentration, improving relationships, reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing.

This programme will provide you with a practical introduction to what meditation and mindfulness is all about and how it can be applied in your daily life to obtain the benefits.

Generally held over 6 weeks during which time you will be introduced to:

  • What Mindfulness is and why it matters

  • Different meditation and mindfulness tools and techniques

  • How with time and practice these tools can positively influence the health of the body and the mind

  • Some of the research demonstrating the effects and benefits of meditation

  • Opportunities to establish a daily practice

Stress Management Programme

Stress is a very normal response that every one of us experiences.  A bit of stress can be a good thing, for instance in helping you to get out of bed in the morning and to get stuff done.  It’s only when we get too much stress for too long that we might start to feel its negative aspects.  Here we might for instance start to get a bit of short fuse, repeat illnesses, or feel a little anxious and overwhelmed.

The causes of stress are many and when you understand your triggers and what the stress response is all about, you will be much better placed to manage it effectively.   The goal of this programme is to better equip you with the knowledge and skills to do just that.      

Generally held over 6 weeks during which time you will be introduced to:

  • What stress is and why we get stressed

  • How to recognise it in yourself and others

  • Tools and techniques on how to manage it effectively

  • The types of characteristics that may contribute to stress

  • Practical ways you can build your personal resilience

  • Some of the flawed techniques

  • Relaxation techniques

  • And More!

Sessions are delivered in a fun and down to earth style and you will have an opportunity throughout the programme to try out some of the techniques learnt in your daily life.  Putting stress effectiveness into action is a key aspect of the programme however activities are not time intensive or intrusive. 

Yoga for Beginners Programme

This programme is for anyone who would like to give Yoga a try but doesn't feel confident or flexible enough to venture into a general class.

Generally held over 6 weeks where you will have an opportunity to learn or to refresh the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga in a safe, supportive and fun environment with an experienced teacher.

Yoga, Mindfulness and Stress Awareness Getaway

Leave behind the busyness of the modern world, your routine and responsibilities and join like-minded people to relax and enjoy a few days of mindfulness, yoga and stress awareness.


Suitable for all levels of ability and experience, from those with a regular yoga and meditation practice to those wishing to simply discover what these are all about. The course includes yoga practices, yoga nidra, mindfulness and meditation, stress awareness and a talk and meditation focussed on getting a good night’s sleep. 

The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly and the schedule is relaxed and casual - you are welcome to do as much or as little as you like! 

Sun Salutation Workshop

Learn more about this key component to many yoga classes, often used as a link from warm-ups to other poses to fully prepare the body, mind and breath.

There can however be a few trouble spots that can make performing sun salutations safely and effectively a little tricky and get in the way of obtaining the full range of benefits they provide.
This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and tools to enable you to refine, modify or develop your sun salutation practice to enhance your overall experience.

Yoga for Everybody Group Classes

My style of yoga is known as Hatha Yoga which includes a wide variety of physical postures, breathing and relaxation techniques that work in union to strengthen the physical body, enhance flexibility, increase self-awareness and focus the mind.

I personally like a medium strength class and I like to move and flow and this is mostly what I teach, unless otherwise specified.  Whist the content and pace of classes will change you can generally expect time to warm up, some flow of movement and holding of postures, some challenges, cool down, breath work and relaxation. 

Levels and modifications are encouraged, to enable a safe and progressive practice.  I am all about making the practice accessible, regardless of age, shape and size or levels of fitness and flexibility. 

Chakra Overview and Balancing Workshop

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel or disk’.  Traditionally there are 7 main chakras, each of which is an energetic intersection and storage place that is believed to  handle certain aspects of life.

These should be flowing freely but if one of your chakras is blocked, this might show up as either a physical or emotional blockage.

In this session  you will first learn about each of the 7 chakras.  We will look at where each chakra lives in the body, what aspects of life they are associated with, recognising imbalance and ideas on how to balance them.  

In the second part of this session, we complete a physical yoga practice and short meditation that is focused on balancing each of the chakras.

Gentle Yoga and Yoga Nidra Fusion Workshop

Suitable for all levels of practitioner including complete beginners, this session is a great opportunity to explore a more gentle style of yoga or simply to relax and rejuvenate.

A fusion of yoga and yoga nidra will work to eliminate tension from the body, relive achy joints, balance the nervous system and regulate a number of the body’s systems. This style of practice is also great at teaching you how to move from busy to calm.

We begin with a gentle yoga practice that will work from the top of your head all the way down to your toes removing tension from the whole body. Utilising gentle and restorative postures, the breath and relaxing music to induce a meditative quality throughout, decelerating and supporting your body in returning to its optimal state of functioning.

We polish this session off with a delicious yoga nidra practice which is the practice of yogic sleep. Whilst you lie fully conscious in Savasana, you will be guided through this style of meditation invoking a state of awareness that elicits ultimate relaxation.

This fusion of gentle yoga and yoga nidra will leave you feeling fully relaxed and rejuvenated, both inside and out.

Introduction to Ayurveda Workshop

Ayurveda is a wellness system that provides lifestyle and diet recommendations based on our unique make up. According to the science of Ayurveda we are each made up of three constitutions named doshas that determine our mind-body-type.

During this workshop you will discover your current dominant dosha(s) through a high level and confidential questionnaire and explore the vata, pitta and kapha dosha traits. 

You will find that these are a fascinating way of looking at your physical make up, attitude and some of the basic health issues you may be prone too.

Once you understand your constitution, the first level of Ayurveda provides recommendations on the right daily, lifestyle and seasonal choices you can make for keeping your doshas in balance and in optimising your health and wellbeing.

This workshop is a great way to create a new level of understanding for inclusion in supporting your wellbeing and includes:

  • A basic questionnaire to determine your likely constitution

  • An overview of the 3 doshas

  • How to recognise dosha imbalance

  • Ideas on how to restore balance

  • An overview of the Ayurvedic Clock

  • Handouts on the above

  • 3 short yoga practices that target each dosha 

Creating a Personal Yoga Practice Workshop

If you have been practising for a while and would like to establish or consider establishing a home practice then this workshop is for you!

I will share with you with some ideas, tips and techniques on how to create, develop and maintain a home practice.

You will also be provided with a sequence to take away with you to get you started that we will run through and practice in the workshop.

Perfect for those wishing to start to follow their own compass with a daily practice or for when you simply can’t get to a class.  

Your Event!

Tailored events are available for those of you that may like to host a social gathering focused on wellbeing. 

I can weave together a combination of any of the group events to suit the amount of time available and your personal preferences.

A great way to get together with your work or personal contacts in a positive way.

Do get in touch if you like to organise an event that is all about you!

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