Mindfulness, Stress Resilience, Yoga, Nutrition - and More!


Individual tuition is one of the most effective ways to learn, or accelerate, knowledge and growth.


Perfect for those who do not feel confident or capable of joining scheduled events, or, who would prefer a more private and confidential approach.


Generally, sessions are either held at your home, workplace or over zoom - depending on your location and requirements.

The modules shown below give you an idea of the types of individual tuition available.  These can be shared independently or blended to meet your schedule, goals, pace and preferences - making these sessions all about you!

Please get in touch if you would like further information or to discuss your requirements

Individual Tuition Options


What we eat and drink is a key component to achieving and maintaining great health, as well as feeling and performing at our best.

Common nutritional goals are to increase vitality, lose weight, tackle intolerances or simply support your lifestyle.

Whatever your goals, we will work together to create an achievable nutritional plan that fits with your lifestyle and preferences.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is the learned ability to observe what is happening, when it is happening.  This enables us to live life more fully, and to respond to situations more consciously and objectively.   A regular meditation practice also comes with many recognised benefits to physical and emotional wellbeing and personal effectiveness.


Working together, we will explore your requirements and establish a personal mindfulness practice that supports you in achieving your goals and fits in with your lifestyle and schedule.

Stress Resilience

Whether the goal is to reduce stress, better equip yourself in dealing with it,or prepare for a stressful event, I can provide a personal touch in supporting you through private tuition.

Together we will explore your experiences of stress, and what you would like to achieve.  


You will have my support and a personal stress management plan to assist you in achieving your goals.


Yoga was traditionally taught one to one, with private tuition being one of the most effective ways to begin or accelerate your yoga practice​.

Classes are tailored to meet your preferences, pace and goals ensuring you get maximum benefits from these sessions.

Private classes can either be one on one or why not include your partner or other family members or friends.

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