Mindfulness is the ability to focus and accept what is happening when it is happening, enabling you to respond to situations more consciously and objectively and to live life more fully. 

It’s not a fluffy wellness tool with research into Neuroplasticity continuing to prove that through practices such as mindfulness and meditation, the patterns and functioning of the brain can be altered, effectively changing your mind and the way your mind functions.

When understood and practised regularly Mindfulness can come with many benefits:

  • Enhanced productivity and effectiveness by the learned ability to focus the mind to a single point and growth in the area of the brain associated with memory and learning.

  • Increased health and wellbeing by eliciting the relaxation response where the mind and body functions more optimally.

  • Reduced stress by the learned ability to identify and release tension and stress from the mind and body.  A reduction in the area of the brain that initiates the stress response resulting in it being initiated less often.

  • Less reactive and more objective in responding to situations and in dealing with others.