Are your personality traits impacting your stress?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Are You ‘A Human Being’ or ‘A Human Doing’?

Those with excessive Type A behaviours are often considered the ‘Human Doings’ and those with excessive Type B behaviours the ‘Human Beings’.

Which one are you?

Type A and Type B Personality Traits

Circle a number below for each statement that best reflects the way you behave in your everyday life. For example, if you are always on time circle a number between 7 and 11 and if you are not concerned about being on time select a number between 1 and 5.

Research suggests that people who exhibit Type A behaviours are more prone

to switching on their stress response when faced with external pressures such as deadlines and performance. Those with Type B behaviours on the other hand are less likely to be impacted by external pressures.

The majority of us will score near 84, plus or minus 20. The higher Type A behaviours, the more likely you are to get stressed, impatient, frustrated and angry.

Note however that some of the behaviours you have given a high score for may not actually trigger a negative response. For instance ambition may not be a trigger for some people.

Circle the top 3 to 5 traits that are potential triggers or stressors for you.

Taking steps to modify or minimise triggering Type A behaviours can reduce the impact of these as stressors. Changing behaviour to modify the stress response is not always easy and may require work but the first step is awareness.

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