Create Your Wheel of Wellbeing

A wellbeing wheel provides a flexible and individualised framework for enhancing wellbeing in daily life.

If you would like to create one, here’s what you need to do …

First draw a wheel (example below)!

In the centre of the wheel, put any challenge(s) you are facing, or a quality you would like to cultivate.

Then in each segment, what you will do to either overcome the challenge, better manage it, or enhance this aspect of yourself or your life.

In deciding on each segment, I recommend including six key pillars of wellbeing that, when practiced regularly, help to maintain us humans in a place where we are able to function and feel at our best:

1. Time Management: how you effectively manage your activities and responsibilities

2. Nutrition: how you fuel your body and mind

3. Stress Resilience: how you keep yourself and your life in balance

4. Mindset: how you foster a supportive mindset

5. Movement: how you incorporate movement that promotes health

6. Sleep and Rest: How you restore and rejuvenate through adequate rest and sleep

There is likely to be one or more pillar that you are naturally talented at and others, well, not so much.

You may also have other pillars, to add to your wheel, that are fundamental to your wellbeing such as community, charity, spirituality etc.

Whatever you decide to add to your wheel the aim is to regularly include them in your schedule, but not to be rigid or too hard on yourself.

Wellbeing should become a natural part of our lives, not something else on the to-do list!

For support in creating your wheel, keep an eye on Group for periodic 'Create Your Wellbeing Wheel' events or get in touch for Individual support.

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