Stress Management

Stress in itself is not all bad and the right amount of stress may energise us and actually help us to get things done.  It is when stress exceeds your ability to cope with it, or you are under prolonged stress, that things can start to go wrong.  


Here your ability to function may diminish impacting your physical and emotional health and wellbeing and your effectiveness. 

Understanding stress and learning to manage it comes with many benefits:

  • The ability to recognise when you are in the stress response, normalising your experience.

  • You will have the tools to help you manage your work and life demands and responsibilities more effectively.

  • Know how to boost your energy so you can enhance it when you need it or are feeling a little flat.

  • Decreased negative emotional responses such as anger, impatience and irritability.

  • Increased memory, focus and concentration.

  • Improved overall health and wellbeing by eliciting the relaxation response where the body functions more optimally.

  • Know how to build your personal resilience and ability to deal with the pressures of modern day life.

  • Be able to relax more and sleep better.

  • Avoid the flawed techniques as you will know why these can't work!