Mindfulness, Stress Resilience, Yoga, Nutrition - and More!


We are a fast paced communications company who has used Practically Balanced for both Stress Management Training and Corporate Yoga.  Fantastic! Training was fun and insightful with practical applications that could be used as individuals and within the business to help us improve on delivering results and having a balanced team.


We decided to do Yoga for the Exec team as part of stress management and also as a recharge for a busy team, it is something we would not look to change.  We would highly recommend this company to anyone wishing to invest in the their employees, or understand more how to support and steer a company through stressful periods. 

                                                  - CAT Communications


We approached Bev to speak at our annual conference in February 2016. Bev was incredibly easy to communicate with and was very open to our ideas on the type of session we wanted to run with her help. On the day Bev provided us with a brilliant session on personal well-being, including some great ergonomics advice! She was presenting to a room full of people who spend 8 hours+ at their desks everyday so her advice and knowledge was very much appreciated. She gave us really useful tips for making our working lives that little bit more balanced and we also did a great practical element to the session, with some stretches and breathing techniques we could all use on a daily basis.


Bev clearly knows her stuff, providing us with lots of interesting statistics and facts about our bodies and the impact bad and good practice can have on our long-term health. And she also has a real passion for what she believes in which comes across in a very approachable and clear manner.


I would highly recommend Bev for sessions either in your work-place or to speak at a conference.

                     - MaW SIG IATEFL Annual Conference

Many thanks for delivering the yoga session at the conference - it was such a great day and your session rounded it off just nicely. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the delegates did. 

-Fil Came & the Learning Works Team

I have really enjoyed all your classes and the two workshops I attended.  I always looked forward to them and came out feeling stretched, relaxed and energised.

- Anne

Our company is a busy, fast growing content-marketing agency with 65 staff. We knew stress was an issue, but no idea how bad, nor how to deal with it.  Even after one session the mood was demonstrably different.  There was also a lot of goodwill for us as a company for having organised it.  The feedback we received about Beverley was amazing and I think what really made the employees stick with it was that they felt comfortable with her. 

- Edge Custom


The Stress Management Program provided me with a great understanding of what stress actually is, the different types there are and how it impacts you physically.  Knowing this and using the techniques that we practised with Bev has allowed me to reduce stress in the workplace and at home.  I would thoroughly recommend Bev and this program to anyone."

- Ray


Staff felt it was a very uplifting start to the year, they truly felt that they were being invested in by the SLT and the school.  Everyone came away relaxed and energised and ready for the start of term.

Canbury School

Bev’s workplace yoga has fast become the highlight of our working week! Although our class ranges from complete beginners to those with previous yoga experience, Bev tailors the class to suit and it is universally enjoyed by everyone. Class regulars have certainly noticed a real improvement, not only in flexibility but also in confidence, approaching ambitious new poses with enthusiasm. After sitting at a desk all day we all certainly feel the physical benefit of these classes and the sense of relaxation we’re left with as a result. 

                                            - Adam Matthews Digital


My technical team of 100+ is expected to come under a high degree of pressure due to organisational and process change.  Bev provided an insightful presentation to the team providing practical ideas for supporting their wellbeing during this period. Her personal experiences in performing high pressured roles made the session relatable and authentic.  Feedback was excellent and this exercise showed teams that whilst the change was necessary that people continue to be high on our agenda and that we absolutely value their health and wellbeing.  I would highly recommend Bev to organisations facing change or simply in support their staff.

- Application Services