Wellbeing for Schools

It’s a given that the demands on schools and their pupils is higher than ever with both expected to perform well and achieve results.   There is also growing acceptance that schools play a significant role in supporting the mental and physical health and wellbeing of pupils, with many bringing this into the heart of the curriculum. 

Additionally, as employers’ schools have a role to play in supporting the wellbeing of their staff too with teaching considered to be in the top 5% of stressful roles.

We know that when employees are ‘Happy and Healthy’ they are better placed to face school, work and home life and all its challenges with more confidence, effectiveness and resilience.  We also know that children learn better when they are mentally and physically healthy. 

There is seemingly a clear case to teach, empower and support employees and in turn pupils in enhancing wellbeing.

The wellbeing options included below provide the knowledge, tools and techniques that work to enhance physical and mental health and wellbeing and support the above objectives.  Modules can be run independently or combined into either a half or full day session which also includes the formulation of a simple yet effective personal wellness plan.  This plan is aimed at developing or increasing personal habits that essentially ensure the learnings stick.

A number of the tools and techniques that can be utilised by teachers and teaching staff are also appropriate for sharing in the classroom.

List of Modules 

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