Wellbeing at Work

An increasing number of innovative organisations are taking a more positive and proactive approach to creating a culture of wellbeing that benefits their employees and their organisation.


No matter how superior the products or services, the health of your workforce can make or break your organisational success with factors such as absenteeism, lost productivity and staff turnover coming with significant costs:

  • The average cost of a sick day is believed to be around £618 (Xpert HR)

  • Presenteeism is believed to cost 3 times as much as absenteeism (HSE)

  • Stressed or unhappy employees correlates to increased staff turnover with the average cost of recruitment, induction, and upskilling a replacement costing around £30k (Xpert HR)

Additionally, employees today want to work for organisations that support them in managing the pressures of a modern and dynamic workplace and lifestyle.  


A culture of wellbeing comes with many benefits:


  • A happier and healthier workforce                 

  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism

  • Increased productivity                                   

  • Change resilience                                     

  • Enhanced working relationships                    

  • More satisfied clients

  • Staff retention                                                 

  • A place people want to work                                               


I can support you by providing your employees with practical, fun and informative presentations, workshops and programmes.  These help to create a culture of wellbeing by equipping your workforce with the knowledge and tools on how to enhance their wellbeing and in turn their effectiveness and results. 


Please read on to explore the workplace modules available or alternatively, please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

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