My style of yoga is known as Hatha Yoga which includes a wide variety of physical postures, breathing and relaxation techniques that work in union to strengthen the physical body, enhance flexibility, increase self-awareness and focus the mind.


I personally like a medium strength class and I like to move and flow and this is mostly what I teach, unless otherwise specified.  Whist the content and pace of classes will change you can generally expect time to warm up, some flow of movement and holding of postures, some challenges, cool down, breath work and relaxation. 


Levels and modifications are encouraged, to enable a safe and progressive practice making them accessible, regardless of age, shape and size or levels of fitness and flexibility. 

When practised regularly yoga can help to:

  • Balance the body by developing strength, stamina, flexibility and overall fitness

  • Improve postural alignment by gradually realigning our skeletal structure

  • Helps to de-stress, release tension and relax more, bringing balance to an often overworked nervous system

  • Improves breathing capacity which increases the oxygen and nutrients in the body and helps get rid of toxins

  • Supports many of the body’s systems to work more effectively including the circulatory, immune and digestive systems

  • Helps to quieten down the mind improving mental focus, concentration and agility

  • Learning to overcome challenges on the mat can help in learning how overcome challenges off the mat